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Ginger Mick at Gallipoli: Review

Australian Classical Theatre - a scene from Ginger Mick at Gallipoli

Peter H. Kemp,

A boisterously physical dramatization of a revered Australian classic poem, Ginger Mick at Gallipoli is a lean but keen and inventive piece that vibrates with the considerable energy of its four man strong cast.

Dynamically directed by Stewart Morritt, this is invigorating entertainment… Think ‘Oh what a lovely war’ meets ‘Crocodile Dundee’, as performed by a versatile a capella street quartet…

Ensemble work is exceptionally well syncopated, with each of the talented foursome bringing his own special quality and commitment to a panoply of characters that memorably people the poetic text, which is by turns whimsical and tragic…

Minimal props and costumes are sensibly serviceable, since what ultimately counts is the imaginative universe created via fine performances, Taylor’s brilliantly orchestrated movement, Morritt’s inspired direction and Dennis’s marvelous original source material.

This is a diverting and dramatically satisfying tribute to bold, blokesy, all-Australian ‘grit and real good fellowship’.