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The Sentimental Bloke: Review

Australian Classical Theatre - a scene from The Sentimental Bloke

Frank Van Straten, on Jon Faine’s Conversation hour, ABC Radio 774

It was grouse, it was sheer magic… glorious Australian material that is worked so beautifully, hilarious and moving. It was just such a beautiful show.

The company takes the 14 poems and physicalizes them. There are elements of the old style Vaudeville, elements of silent movies and some wonderful, wonderful mime work and I’m not going to be ashamed to admit it I was holding back the tears at the end, the finish is so warm and wonderful.

The sight of Billo and Doreen and the little baby… and you see the baby being born which is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen on stage… yeah, to see them sitting in the sunset on the verandah of their country home “livin’ and lovin’ and so life mooches on” … it was sheer wonder.

So I say to people—just beg to get a seat for the rest of the season! It is just a great experience and thoroughly recommended. Congratulations to Petty Traffikers.