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“It is refreshing to see theatre where the only gimmick is great performances by actors who show a lively understanding of their material and their craft” — Catherine Lambert, The Sunday Herald Sun

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Below are quotes and reviews about our productions that have appeared in the media. Some longer reviews and interviews appear in the notes to the individual productions.

Australian Classical Theatre - a scene from The Sentimental Bloke

What They Are Saying

Michael Ward, The Herald Sun

I ENJOYED this show ... It’s densely packed with information, well-written, features a pair of fine performances and is impressively directed ...

Jade Hunter, Blaire Magazine

... an extremely clever and entertaining show ... It's intelligent comedy, which is incredibly creative and informative, and will make you laugh out loud through the entire act ... It was definitely the most entertaining history lesson I've EVER had!

Jim Schembri, The Herald-Sun

Oh, if only all history lessons were as flat-out entertaining as this whip-smart, razor-sharp version of the controversial Burke and Wills expedition ...

Those with long memories might recall that two 1985 films were made on the topic ... For the record, what these two do in 50 minutes is better than both.

Merv Collins, The Pun

I loved A Sunburnt History,
A story mad but true,
Of Wills and Burke and dozens more
And a cast of only two!

This is history like you wish they’d taught it at high school ... The silence and double-take are comedy gold ... The script is brilliant, the constantly changing vignettes are seamless, the characters are excellent ...

Frank Van Straten, ABC Radio 774

It was real grouse, sheer magic… glorious Australian material that is worked so beautifully, hilarious and moving… beg to get a seat! It’s a great experience and thoroughly recommended.

John Bailey, The Sunday Age

Under the direction of Stewart Morritt, ACT has already explored the official canon of Australia’s writing… It is encouraging to see it set its sights on less canonical stuff. As searing and immediate an experience as live theatre is able to provide.

Geoffrey Milne, ABC Radio 774

I loved this—a marvellous little theatrical confection. It is a scream. Terrific piece, really energetic theatre from a very versatile company and makes surprisingly good theatre.

Catherine Lambert, The Sunday Herald Sun

Thoroughly enjoyable theatre. It is refreshing to see theatre where the only gimmick is great performances by actors who show a lively understanding of their material and their craft.

Cameron Woodhead, The Age

ACT have a reputation for mounting successful stage adaptations of Australian literature… and the stage is richer for it.

Helen Thomson, The Age

Sometimes a little gem surfaces from the fringe—in this case ACT.

Sian Prior, The Sunday Age

ACT have breathed new life into Australian Classics… An ingenious adaptation of an Australian bush Classic.

Aaron Jelbart, Stageleft

ACT breath life and love into the narrative.

Chris Boyd, The Herald Sun

Like all of us, I’m a sucker for a good story and sometimes the most basic meat and potatoes theatre is like the best lamb roast (or eggplant parmigiana) you’ve ever tucked into. Australian Classical Theatre’s work is a good old fashioned feast and I can’t think of a single reason why I shouldn’t use the P word. Yes it’s Perfect.

John Gunn, Radio 3CR

Every now and again a production comes along and captures the imagination, sweeps you along and sends you home tingling all over… If you make it to ACT’s productions you will feel all the better for it… A delightful theatre piece.

Thuy On, The Australian

At times it feels as though the contemporary theatre scene is busily importing four-star hits and salivating over celebrity actors or trying to develop a stable of sexy, young, post modern playwrights. Thank heavens then for ACT’s devotion to dusting off the cobwebs from Australia’s literary history.

Australian Classical Theatre presents The Sentimental Bloke

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